Well, here I am.  This project has been a long time coming, a brain child for many, many moons.  I am excited to make it ‘real,’ to have it on the screen, and to welcome it to the world.  I’m also excited to welcome you to this little space I have created – for me and for you.

I have many intentions for this space.  First and foremost, this is a space for me.  In this hectic, chaotic world, I’d like to try to bring some organization to my photos, thoughts, inspirations, my life.  I’d like to be able to come back years from now and remember the smell of a field of wildflowers, the feel of a new bag of clay, or the happiness of a best friend’s smile by peeking at an old photo.

sunset at ocean beach

sunset @ ocean beach, sf

That’s part of why this space is here.  But, I also created this space for you, to welcome you to a part of me that I don’t share with many.  To enable me to share my work, my passions, my greatest loves with the world around me, and hopefully inspire something in people to make this beautiful world a better place.  We can each play our part, and it starts by finding purpose.

This is my journey to find mine.  I hope you’ll join me.   So please, take a look around, tell me what you think, and come back for more!

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